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Friday, September 2, 2011

What Did I Say to the Dolphins?

     It’s widely known that dolphins vocalize and hear at frequencies far higher than humans. They hear our yells and grunts when were in the water. I’ve even brought MacIntosh Computers into the water to project and record sounds. We’ve had some remarkable results with those efforts. But the most mind blowing reaction came from the dolphins when I brought a dog whistle into the water. Dog whistles create a sound that is higher than human hearing. They can be heard by dogs, but not humans. I thought this might intrigue the dolphins. It did.
     Normally I carry a pretty hefty movie camera with me which is necessary if you’re going to make films but it also cuts me off from much of the action as I peer through the lens. To use the dog whistle I had to grudgingly leave the camera behind.
     Dolphins were milling around our boat when I entered the water, paying no particular attention to us. I swam about 50 yards from the boat that was anchored in water fifteen feet deep on the western edge of the Little Bahama Banks. I put the whistle in my mouth, looked around, and blew.
     Instantly three young dolphins rocketed over to me and began swimming in extremely tight circles around me. The power and speed of their motion through the water shook me like a rag doll. It was astonishing. Then a large male raced over to me and began to jump directly in front of me. It truck me as a very aggressive action and I decided not to blow the whistle again.
     I swam for the boat yelling “get me my camera” but by the time I had it in hand the dolphins had disappeared. This is one of the most amazing encounters I’ve ever had with dolphins and I would NOT recommend anyone try it. As I said, the reaction in the dolphins seemed to be disconcerted and aggressive.

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